jessica peterson

A Few Words About Me

I’m proud to say that I’m not your ordinary real estate agent.

While I am fortunate to have had success in the greater Denver real estate markets, many of my real estate clients have become good friends because I am able to connect and share their interests. Depending on the client, I may show up to our first meeting in heels or running shoes with my dog at my side. But no matter my attire, be confident that I will be 100% present and ready to listen to the most important person in the room – YOU.

A home is an expression of yourself. My background in design enables me to see the hunt for a home is more than a monetary transaction. I enjoy helping others find and create their vision. Also, managing the pieces and parts of a real estate purchase or sale is what I LOVE to do and, all modesty aside, I am good at it. Rest assured that even when things get a bit chaotic (and they may), I have it under control and nothing is going to slip through the cracks. Even though I am not a bask-in-the-limelight kind of gal (in fact, I much prefer to work behind the scenes) and I cannot tell a joke to save my life, what I CAN do well is take care of the details of your real estate transaction.

Read on if you would like to know more…

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Growing up on a ranch in South Dakota taught me a little something about the value of working hard, working smart and creatively getting things done! All characteristics that come in handy when managing a real estate transaction, I might add! I take true delight in solving the seemingly unsolvable problems that inevitably arise during the process of buying or selling a home; problems that might make less-experienced, less-creative or less-tenacious agents throw up their hands in defeat. You will never doubt that I am on your side, representing your best interests and fully committed to helping you enjoy the very best outcome possible in your real estate buying or selling experience.

Another thing that might be helpful in getting to know me – I have a personal understanding of what my clients go through when buying, selling or renovating their homes. My husband and I have bought and sold fifteen homes in Denver, Lakewood and Golden, most of which needed moderate to extensive remodeling and updating. Trust me, not only do I understand and empathize with the drama and trauma of MOVING; I am also intimately familiar with the joys and challenges of home renovation. And while I won’t promise to pick up a hammer and saw at your new place, or to load boxes into your moving van, I am happy to share what I have learned about packing, moving and renovating properties.

What areas of the greater Denver area do I serve? As a Certified Marketing Expert and working with repeat clients that have moved outside of Denver to the surrounding cities, my experience has taken me to all four corners of the map. However, I tend to focus on and know the most about:

Central Denver – including Downtown, Berkeley, LoDo, Riverfront, LoHi, Sloan’s Lake, Highlands

Greater Denver – including Wheat Ridge, Edgewater, Cherry Creek, “The Parks” – Washington Park, City Park, Congress Park, Platt Park, Observatory Park; Baker, Mayfair, Park Hill, Hilltop

Lakewood and Golden – including Applewood, Genesee, Paradise Hills, Beverly Heights, Canyon Point, Mesa Meadows, Spring Ranch, Lookout Mountain

If this feels like a good fit, give me a call and let’s talk! Ask me about doing a market day so you can also learn more about the many great neighborhoods in our fantastic city!